Successful people Part 4 - Donald Trump (The Trump Organization)

25/05/2012 12:11


“The most important thing in life is to love what you’re doing, because that’s the only way you’ll ever be really good at it.”  - Donald Trump




The biography of Donald Trump has it all, from lavish properties and beautiful women to lots and lots of money. But, behind the glamour and glitz of what the world knows as Donald Trump, there is a story of hard work, failure, determination and finally, triumph. 

Any extensive telling of this tale would have to cover the rise, fall, and rise again of the real estate mogul. Born on June 14, 1946, in Queens, New York, Donald Trump already had business in his blood. His father was a relatively successful property developer, whom the young Trump would go to work for following graduation from the Wharton Business School. For five years, the father and son duo would make profitable deals and solidify their position in the affordable housing market. That is, until he wanted to break out on his own. 

He had a vision that was larger than his father’s. Indeed, he wanted his life story and his achievements to be known to the world. He was broke, but he set his sights on Manhattan as his ticket to success. Using his charm, he was able to gain access into an exclusive club, along with which came access to power and money. The only condition of his membership was that he was to stay away from the other members’ wives. Soon, he would have found his niche market – catering to the real estate needs of the wealthy. 

However, the biography of Donald Trump is not simply a story of success and riches. He became notorious for his flamboyant lifestyle during the 1980s, which was part of the reason behind his near-bankruptcy in the 1990s; he was over $900 million in debt. Nevertheless, Donald Trump would rebound using his unique strategy – raising prices when others were lowering theirs and refusing to cut corners. He understood the upper segment of society and what they wanted in matters of real estate. 

In little time, he had created an empire for himself. From gambling casinos to exclusive hotels, the name brand had become synonymous with wealth and high quality. But, “The Donald”, as he has come to be known, was unsatisfied and he wanted more. Thus, in 2004, he took a foray into the world of television. With the launch of The Apprentice, a weekly show where eighteen contestants from across the United States compete for the chance to work in the Trump Organization, he had entered popular culture. Now in its sixth season, The Apprentice continues to enjoy high ratings, thanks in no small part to the outspoken and self-publicizing personality of Trump himself. 

Today, the Trump name is associated not only with real estate, but also everything from bottled water (Trump Ice) to vodka (Trump Vodka) to disposable cameras. However, the biography of Donald Trump is not just one of business and money. He is also a family man, with two ex-wives, one current wife, and five children, two of whom currently work for the Trump Organization.