How to Succeed (The Secret That You’re Probably Ignoring)

31/05/2012 18:39


by James Clear

United Airlines has made a big mistake.

No, they didn’t ruin my flight. No, they haven’t lost me as a customer. No, their service wasn’t abysmal.

In fact, everything on my flight went fine — but they are still making a big mistake and they are making it thousands of times per day.

And the chances are good that you and I are making the same mistake as well.

What is this costly error? It can be found on the following napkin.

United Airlines

Do you see the mistake?

In between their nice little social media invitations, there is one glaring error. Do you see it? It’s pretty clear once you recognize it.

United doesn’t tell me where to go.

“Follow us on Twitter.”

Ok, great … but what do I follow on Twitter? @United? @UnitedAirlines? @UnitedFlights? What do I type in? You had me interested and now you lost me.

“Find us on Facebook.”

Well, you hit the nail on the head with this one. I will have to find you. I’ll have to search and stumble around until I find the URL. That’s too much work. Now I’m putting my phone back in my pocket. Why didn’t you just put it on the napkin?

United’s moves are well–intentioned, but they fall short in one critical aspect: they don’t make it easy for people to take the desired action.

And there is the lesson.

The number one way to succeed is to make it easy for the other person to do what you want.

Want to be a great networker? Make it easy for people to like you. Be interested in their problems and help them find solutions. Be engaged in their lives and actually care about what’s going on with them. Here is a full list of networking tips.

Want to earn more money on the side? Make it easy for people to hire you as a freelancer. Pick a specific problem you can solve and then let those people know that you can make their lives better. Sign up here to get a free guide on freelancing.

Want to pay for college with scholarships? Or to get into Harvard? Make it easy for the admissions committee to believe in you. Show them proof of the statements you make. Do something that the average student doesn’t do.

Want to make more sales? Make it easy on the customer to purchase your products. Show them why your products are valuable. Reduce the number of clicks they need to make on the checkout page. Provide a rock solid guarantee that eases their fears. Make it publicly known that you care about your customers.

Want to get a promotion? Make it easy for your boss to rave about you. Take on additional responsibilities. Do a brilliant job on your latest project. Be the person to bring something new to the company. Be so good they can’t ignore you.

Want to land that big client? Make it easy for them to switch to you. Find out what’s holding them back and remove every barrier you can. Give them a bonus for switching. Get to know the person in charge of the decision and help them solve their specific problem. Be the type of person that they want to do business with.

Do you see how powerful this approach can be?

People are lazy. They try to avoid a hassle whenever they can. If you make it easy for them to take a specific action, then they will be more likely to take that action.

The circumstance doesn’t matter. Just make it easy for the other person to make the decision you want.

What can you do right now?

The odds are pretty good that you could make it easier for people to take a desired action right now.

What are the barriers that are holding you and your business back? How can you make life easier for your clients? Your co-workers? Your boss? Your family and friends?

Go out there and do it. Make it easy on the other person and you will find success at a much higher rate.